Winners and Prizes

The Jury Prizes

First prize

women workers ? by Le Collectif Images-en-transit, France/China/Burkina Faso/Mali/Romania
Jury: The film gives an insight into the everyday work of four women in the global textile industry. It deals unpretentiously with the subject of "the global skin" and leaves the viewer space for personal interpretation. The unconventionally reduced visual and editing concept develops a suggestive and poetic power through its formal rigor.


Winners: "The jury prize is, for us, recognition of our artistic work. It means a great importance. We experiment on a collective creation process associated with artistes and workers. The echo waves ever since the encounter of one person with another. The images of these women would be spread further; their voice would be better heard. This prize is a support to the creation, we appreciated it as an encouragement, continue this first piece of film, lengthening it to a feature one."


Le Collectif Images-en-transit

The prize, founded by Canon Switzerland, is a Canon EOS C100 and accessories worth approximately 10'000 US Dollars and an invitation to the premier in Zurich (including travel and overnight stay ) plus a FREITAG bag founded by Freitag

Second prize, shared between the 2 videos:

The Seamstresses by Biljana Garvanlieva, Macedonia
Jury: Masterly told, this subtle documentary accompanies a textile worker and her boss. Not good and bad - but it opens insights into different roles and changes in perspectives occur. Any mawkishness is missing. Even if the conclusion seems pessimistic, there is hope, because the main characters are not given up.

tl_files/Fotos/Gewinner/Biljana Garvanlieva_klein.jpgBiljana Garvanlieva

Winner: "I dedicate this award to all the women in Macedonia. They deserved to be presented as heroines rather than as eternal victims of a patriarchal society. Although no TV chain wanted the story of the seamstresses, I fought for this movie and created it, together with my team, as an independent film production. This award gives me great motivation to continue fighting for documentary films. I'm very happy that it was not in vain.


As working conditions for documentary filmmakers become increasingly precarious, prizes such as these become an important support mechanism. Thanks to all for the fair competition and to the prestigious jury, this award is a great honor for me."

ReClothings – Hardworking Fashion by Uwe Schwarze & Stephanie Drescher, Germany
Jury: The carefully made film introduces an innovative fashion designer. He produces surprising, stylish fashion out of used work clothes. The film shows this working process convincing in its formal realization. Although it is a "promotion video", it is humorous and profound. Pleasure, joy and pioneer spirit of the protagonist can be felt and that makes the story encouraging.

tl_files/Fotos/Gewinner/S.Drescher_klein.jpg Stephanie Drescher

Uwe Schwarze

Winners: "We are very pleased with the award and the recognition of our work as filmmakers. Realizing this film project was very important to us, as we consider the idea of ​​the designer Daniel Kroh to be a remarkable model in dealing with the earth's resources. The award is for us a highlight of last year’s documentary work."

The prize is 5'000 US Dollars and an invitation to the premier in Zurich (including travel and overnight stay) plus a FREITAG bag founded by Freitag

Public prize

The community
has made a total of 596 votes (likes on Vimeo) for the videos.

Thanks to all who participated at the public prize!
The winning video is with 111 votes:
The Belarusian Traditional Textile by
the ICAN Club Minsk (Valiantsina Holubeva), Belarus
Us by the global skin team convinced the producers of "The Belarusian Textile" by their serious examination of their own traditions and their courage to implement the complex subject on film.


Winners: "We thank you for this project, which became a highlight of the year and also Canon for the camera. We spent the whole Sunday studying the manual and we know how many opportunities it provides. We will master it and look hopefully for an upcoming project."

ICAN Club-Members

The prize, founded by Canon Switzerland, is a Canon XF 300 and an invitation to the premier in Zurich (including travel and overnight stay) plus a FREITAG bag founded by Freitag


Topic prizes

The following
special prize of 1'000 US-Dollars were awarded:

"Textiles and Animal (Protection)" awarded by Vanja Palmers
People and Fur by Lisa Krikunova, Russia
Vanja Palmers: This video has a clear and strong message. It is convincing through straightforward thinking and an unexpected ending. Compliments!

tl_files/Fotos/Gewinner/Lisa Krikunova.JPG

Winner: "From the very start of the competition I didn't think about the first prize, all I wanted wad to win that exact category "Animal Protection". And of course it was an honor for me to be chosen by wonderful Vanja Palmers. This festival became an amazing experience for all the participants and I hope The Movie will help everybody spread those important messages to the world."
Lisa Krikunova

"Textiles in Arts and Culture" awarded by Kuverum KULTURVERMITTLUNG
Handed on by Chakris Kussalanant, USA
Kuverum: The video is about a textile artwork that represents the work of women textile workers in South Africa and South America. We can watch the artist Kelsey Viola Wiskirchengetting getting in touch with these women in a very respectful way. She transforms her encounters into documentary drawings and written words and stitches them on hand woven textiles. The video presents this in a cautious manner.

tl_files/Fotos/Gewinner/Chakris Kussalanant_klein.jpg

Winner: "I think it has been nothing short of serendipity to have met such a talented artist as Kelsey Viola Wiskirchen while we were both in Arizona and ready to move our separate ways to pursue different professional paths. Being recognized for the time we spent in conversation about her process is humbling and exciting. I have always felt a storyteller, rather than a reporter. This award is a great validation. I want to thank my wife Gloria and my children for all their support these past few years. I hope I have now justified buying a camera…Thank you Global Skin and Kuverum for the recognition."
Chakris Kussalanant

"The dark Side of Fashion" awarded by Greenpeace
Bangladesh Toxic Tanneries by Arantxa Cedillo
, Spain
Greenpeace: We have chosen „Bangladesh Toxic Tanneries” because of its powerful images. It reveals how serious the impact of using toxic chemicals in textile factories is for the workers and the people who live nearby.

tl_files/Fotos/Gewinner/Monica Cedillo_klein.jpg
Arantxa Cedillo

Winner: "I am very grateful to receive this prize for my short documentary on the tannery industry in Hazaribagh neighbourhood of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Human Rights Watch’s report Toxic Tanneries: The Health Repercussions of Bangladesh’s Hazaribagh Leather, describes the health and human rights costs to both the workers in these tanneries and the population living nearby.
While shooting this video the entire team got the opportunity to be closer to the painful reality of those who suffer the health effects of one part of a very profitable and highly toxic industry. It was outrageous to see untreated effluent flowing off tannery floors into open gutters and almost unbearable to breath Hazaribagh’s polluted air.
I hope this prize will bring more attention to the Hazaribagh tanneries and the fact that the Government of Bangladesh treats them as an “enforcement-free zone”, while refusing to relocate these tanneries outside Dhaka."

"Textiles and Ecology" awarded by Filme für die Erde
HEAVYWEIGHTCOTTON by Yves Farine, Switzerland
Filme für die Erde: “Heavy Weight Cotton” is exciting, aesthetically high class, effective regarding content and visuals. It gives us knowledge about the real ecological and social content of clothes (unfortunately, still, in most cases). The film starts at the central point of sale and makes us consumers reflect upon our buying behavior. This short film helps to change the world in a very smart way and therefore it is the first choice for Filme für die Erde. Thank you!

tl_files/Fotos/Gewinner/Heavyw_klein.jpgTeam: Mirio Bähler, Yves Farine, Alejandro Ortega

Winners: "It is very nice to get some feedback from outside. It is the reward for our creation.. It also shows that you can reach a lot of people with very few means. We hope that some ideas stay in people’s thoughts and that people question things. We do not want to point the finger at the human being, nor do we want to suggest solutions – we merely want to raise people’s awareness. It takes time and education to ensure that decisions in the future be made sustainably and with fairness. We do have a choice. The award in the category textiles and ecology means a lot to us. We are indie filmmakers and usually work without any budget on short films. With the award’s money we’ll improve our equipment and have a nice dinner all together to start work again with fresh forces on new projects..."

"Textiles and Fairness" awarded by Berne Declaration
the international clothing by Florian Rudolph, Switzerland
Berne Declaration: “the international clothing” is a fresh mixture of experiences and opinions. The video is convincing due to its cool and funny characters and it has a good cut. It is “hand-knitted” in a nice and likeable way. The second half of the film gives us an analytic solution of the central problem where the filmmaker points out his main statements.

tl_files/Fotos/Gewinner/Florian Rudolph_klein.jpg

Winner: "I already consider my work an unforgettable experience: you ask questions you normally don’t ask, get to know people and through further research, their country in a new way. I would not have imagined winning a prize like that! Therefore, the prize lets me appreciate my work even more: with my limited equipment I have achieved the incredible. It's not just about winning, but about feeling affirmation. I've accomplished something! And that again gives me the joy to continue my work, to invest time and to dream on."

Florian Rudolph

"Organic Cotton" awarded by REMEI AG
Nueva Vida by Robert Lund, Denmark
Remei AG: It's not so much about organic cotton but it's fascinating that these women have built up their own business and despite adverse conditions (no profit at the beginning, mockery) have continued. You can feel these women are taking pride in their project. And yes, they have achieved a lot: more freedom and independency. This film is not didactic but extremely authentic. One stays on the edge of the seat and therefore “Nueva Vida” is our first choice.

tl_files/Fotos/Gewinner/Rober Lund_klein.jpg

Winner: "Shot in Nicaragua with a production kit fitting in a single shoulder bag, this short was one of my very first projects carried out as a one-man crew. I had the great fortune of spending time with an amazing group of women with, not only, a valid and important story, but also the willingness to tell it.
Anyone who has worked with short format storytelling knows that its inherent constraints can be a challenge. Luckily I found a unique narrator who was able to convay her story in a focused, honest and unsentimental voice, leaving me the space to expand on her words visually.
As pleased as I am to receive this prize, I am even more pleased to introduce a wider audience to Maria Delia of Nueva Vida. "

Robert Lund

"The most powerful Photography" awarded by Canon Switzerland
Ajrak in Kutch, Gujarat by Shaina Shealy, India/USA
Canon: These photos tell a story that the viewer can understand. Therefor it is not just about beautiful images. The photos communicate emotions and the viewer is able to empathize. The pictures have a variety of perspectives, black and white/colored, different subjects and frames and they are technically perfect: (golden cut, right lighting conditions, focus etc.)

tl_files/Fotos/Gewinner/Shaina Shealy_klein.jpg

Winner: "I am honored to receive this prize, which reinforces my dedication to storytelling through the lens of photography."

Shaina Sheal

"The most thrilling Sound" awarded by Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK, elected by Domenico Ferrari

Schwarz by Susanne Feld, Germany
Domenico Ferrari: “Schwarz” with its sampling collages had been the most convincing piece of music. The work shows compositional potential and a pronounced feeling for cinematic music.

tl_files/Fotos/Gewinner/Susanne Feld_klein.jpg

Winner: "The prize means a great, quiet and exquisite joy for me! Part of my world has been selected and has thus been offered a new life, how beautiful! ... Another thing the prize does for me: ... it laughs with me, and invites me with a wink to take up my music again, which I have put aside for a while now. I say thank you! "
Susanne Feld

"The most touching Text" awarded by The Kish Experience
Metamorphose einer alten Jeans by Patricia Marin, Switzerland
The Kish Experience: Patricia Marin describes in her text the awakening of the environmental awareness of her generation. It is based on details of a textile’s dissolution. She connects it with the personal responsibility of every person for our planet. Instead of asking for renouncement, she suggests to recognize used material (waste/trash) as a resource of our time. So, the metamorphosis of an old pair of jeans stands for the metamorphosis of our out-of-time thinking. The text leaves us with the hope that this may well succeed.

tl_files/Fotos/Gewinner/Patricia Marin.jpg

Winner: "the global skin project gives the opportunity to unite all different kinds of media, narrative techniques and points of view. But it also brings people together - no matter where they come from, and no matter who they are - in a network accessible to all. It is this accessibility and the freedom to engage with the topic that convinced me to join the project.
I wanted to translate memories, a second layer that we carry in us, into words. Because we not only consist of the present, but also of the past; from this we create the future. For me at least, it was like this. The award is a huge recognition for me, which left me speechless at first.
Thanks to everyone who liked my story and who understood the changes that were taking place at the time.
Patricia Marin


The outdoor provider Vaude awards for 2 videos an outfit consisting of eco-friendly jacket and backpack. The winners are:
Mode und Bewegung by Mario Hipleh

Wiederbelebungsmaßnahmen by Daniela Zenone&Víctor González

Profits from use of the long film

Half of the profits from the use of the film go to the charitable NGO Clean Clothes Campaign. The other half goes to all those participating in the film production. Details under legal and copyright pdf (Item 12).