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the global skin was founded and created by the Centre for Storytelling (cfs) in cooperation with the Zurich University of the Arts and Dschoint Ventschr Film Production.

The Centre for Storytelling is a network of storytelling specialists from academic, economic and design backgrounds. Together we research and experiment in the field of storytelling at colleges, universities and in practice. It is our aim to gain scientific knowledge and to link it to tangible everyday practice. In the new communication technologies we see a key to the joint formulation of a sustainable world.

Our aim with the global skin project is to explore the potential of collective storytelling and the new channels of communications. At the same time, this should enable practice-orientated research of cinematic story structures and visual aesthetics.

Stories in the digital age

The Centre for Storytellingthe offers in the context of the global skin project courses in storytelling and web-video production. From a short speech to a multi-day workshop. We present the most recent storytelling formats and tools and show their practical application.

The courses are suitable for anyone developing their own stories or wanting to unlock the narrative codes of audio-visual stories. The courses can be connected with existing curriculum and lectures.

The inputs cover the basic patterns of dramaturgic structure. Audio-visual storytelling is the focal point. The principles are visualised using examples.

The participants learn how to carry out the individual steps making a video themselves - from the concept development to the upload onto the internet site.


  • From Storytelling Basics to Transmedia
  • Dramaturgy / The journey of the hero
  • The morphology of fairy tales
  • Other topics available on request

Length, content and prices on consultation.

Center for Storytelling

The global skin Team

Kurt Reinhard

Kurt Reinhard, Project Manager, Director

Video producer and teacher; President of jobtv medienwerkstatt; colleague at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK).

F&F School of Art Zurich; film technician; Journalism Studies at the School for Applied Linguistics Zurich (SAL); Directing work for film and TV; founder of jobtv medienwerkstatt; Initiator and head of and video online.,

Jörg Huber

Jörg Huber, Co-initiator

Professor of Cultural Theory at the Zurich University of the Arts, ZHdK. Founder and Director of the Institute for Theory. 1990 - 2005 executive director of the lecture and seminar series "Intervention", Editor of the same yearbook, leader of numerous research projects, a member of the management team of the MA in the Department of Art and Media at the ZHdK.

Verena Kuni

Verena Kuni, Scientific Conception, Evaluation

Verena Kuni is scholar in the field of history and theory of art and media cultures and professor for Visual Culture at Goethe University, Frankfurt Main. Her research, teaching, publications & projects are dedicated a. o. to transfers between material and media cultures; media of imagination and technologies of transformation; alternate realities; urban biotopes; DIY and prosumer cultures; games, play and toys as tools. She is also curator for interdisciplinary programs on art, media and network cultures.,,

Julia Klement

Julia Klement, Assistant Project Manager, Assistant Editor

Graduate Communications Expert. During her study time she gained experience in advertising film productions, fundraising for NGO`s and in cultural context. In a project team she realized an advertising campaign for the Berlinische Galerie, one of the most prestigious museums in Berlin. 2011, she received the Master of Arts in Communications with a focus on "Political Communication" and "Audiovisual Dramaturgy".

Florian Wieser

Florian Wieser, Social Media Conception

Partner of the online agent CoUNDco, Zurich & London. Active as an online strategist for over 10 years. Today he consults for customers such as Walt Disney, homegate & victorinox, mostly by means of storytelling methodology. 2008 he developed the first Swiss online marketer training course and since then has trained over 70 marketing students. He is a speaker at a range of conventions and is responsible for education & research at coUNDco.

Axel Vogelsang

Axel Vogelsang, Scientific CollaborationLecturer and Research

Fellow at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Lectures at the MA design where he initiated the track data narrataves, which investigates contexts and visualisation of information. His research interests are storytelling and visual communication in digital networks, information visualisation, interaction design and the changes in literacy generated by digital media.

Ciril Braem Tscheligi

Ciril Braem Tscheligi, Editing, Technical Collaboration

Director. First experiences in filmmaking he gained during his participation in the media project Jobtv. Soon after he produced a documentary series for Swiss TV. In 2003, he began the directing studies at the Konrad Wolf Film Academy in Potsdam-Babelsberg which he finished with his graduation film " Within the Tropics of the Bear". His feature film debut, "My Prince. My King." celebrated its premiere in May 2011.

For their precious support, we thank Franziska Dürr and Marcel Grubenmann.